Monitoring Meeting, 2018 Minsk

In the context of continuous monitoring of the Erasmus+ programme the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) is developing a comprehensive field monitoring policy. National Erasmus+ Office in Belarus is eager to have a better overview of the funded projects, their objectives and results and to become better acquainted with the institutions and stakeholders involved.

The purpose of the visit is to learn about the activities realised and products developed so far, as well as to observe if the project has encountered any problems in operational and/or financial implementation that can be discussed and solved.

The Monitoring Meeting of the project implementation was held on Friday, 21 December 2018 at BSPU, BSPU, Minsk, 18 Sovetskaya Street, time – 14.00.

Management group meeting in the United Kingdom, 2 – 3 October 2018

Management group meeting was held at the project partner institution De Montfort university in the United Kingdom on 2 – 3 October 2018. The following issues were discussed during the meeting:

  • Insights from the internship” IT in the Context of Intercultural Competency”.
  • Aspects of the Project Implementation Report (Progress report on implementation of the action. Achieved planned results).
  • Insights into the achieved results, challenges and future plans of the project.
  • Issues of the Project Activities. Reports of the Project Partners.
  • Discussion on the Issues of the Project Dissemination and Exploitation Plan and Sustainability Strategy.
  • Project Documentation. Issues of the Project Budget.

Management group meeting members also had a study visit to School of Computer Science and Informatics and Cyber Technology Institute at DMU.


The internship “IT in the Context of Intercultural Competency”

40 teachers – course developers, from Belarusian partner universities participated in the internship “IT in the Context of Intercultural Competency”, held at the project partner institution De Montfort university in Leicester, the United Kingdom on 17 – 21 September 2018.

The goal of the internship – to develop research and teaching skills and intercultural competency of the teachers, who update courses and train IT specialists, via sharing of experience and know-how. 

In the manifold area of higher education, in addition to general intercultural competency, teachers need special intercultural competency which requires special professional skills, knowledge and approach. The internship focused on DMU approach; flipping the classroom (video shown to the teachers); revised Bloom’s Taxonomy; innovative assessment; sprint based assessment; course design and teaching approach; teaching support; showcases of good practice in teaching and learning. The feedback from delegates (reflections) was very extensive and positive. Strong emphasis was made on teaching methods, case studies, team work and especially on the input from DMU teachers.

 The participants of the internship had a great opportunity to develop their intercultural competency via experiential learning which takes place in the multicultural environment at De Montfort university.

International applied research conference “Information Technologies 2018 Theory, Practice, Innovations”

On 11 May 2018 International Applied Research Conference “Information Technologies 2018: Theory, Practice, Innovations” took place at ALYTAUS KOLEGIJA University of Applied Sciences.

The conference welcomed over 80 participants – guests from Fil. Dr. Jan-U. Sandal institute (Norway), Chernigov National University of Technology (Ukraine), Grodno Branch of BIP Institute of Law (Poland), delegates and presenters from Kauno Kolegija/University of Applied Sciences, Kaunas Technical College, Klaipėda State University of Applied Sciences, Utena University of Applied Sciences, VILNIAUS KOLEGIJA University of Applied Sciences, Vilnius College of Technologies and Design and Šiauliai State College, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Aleksandras Stulginskis University and Vytautas Magnus University.

Partners of ALYTAUS KOLEGIJA University of Applied Sciences in Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education programme project „Innovative ICT Education for Social-Economic Development (IESED)“  No. 574283-EPP-1-2016-1-LT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP: Richard Gatward and Aladdin Ayesh from DeMontfort University (UK), Arnaud Caillier and Patrick Lebegue from Lille University of Sciences and Technology (France), Danel Roman and Michal Repka from Bydgoszcz University of Economy (Poland) participated in the conference and made presentations as well.

Annual publication of scientific reviewed publications “Role of Higher Education Institutions in Society: Challenges, Tendencies and Perspectives” (ISSN 2029-9311) will be issued after the conference.

The 5th partner meeting

11-12 May, 2018, Alytus

In the meeting participated IESED project prtners from ALYTAUS KOLEGIJA University of Applied Sciences, De Montfort University, Lille University of Science and Technology, University of Economy in Bydgoszcz.  During the meeting the following topics were raised:

1) The dissemination of the IESED Erasmus Plus project will  eventually consist of 4 papers, i.e.

  • 1 conference paper ready for publication that was proofread by the participants
  • 1 article for dissemination in a Belarusian journal
  • 1 article after the DMU internship
  • 1 final article upon completion of the 3 internships in Poland, France and the UK, focusing on intercultural differences and the stumbling blocks for communication.

2) The following dates were agreed for management meetings: Poland: February 2019, France: September 2019, Final meeting in Minsk: September 2019.

3) Discussions were raised as to whether the DMU intership should take place in September or October 2018. 

4) Project administrative issues.  The project manager presented administrative issues of Erasmus+ Capacity Building projects in the field of higher education, namely, project administrative aspects, contractual and financial management of the grant.

Internship “ IT Theory, Innovative Methods and Practice”

Forty teachers from Belarus partner universities participated in one week internship „IT Theory, Innovative Methods and Practice” held at University of Science and Technology, IUT “A” in Lille, France on 8 – 14 April 2018
The Belarus HEIs teachers familiarized with IT technologies and tendencies to be used in the study process and development of new study courses of the study programmes under upgrading. They visited to 3D pictures studio and Computer, Automation and Robotics laboratories, participated in a study visit to Euratechnologies High Tech Center and Euratechnologies Building.



Internship „IT Theory, Innovative Methods and Practice” for Belarusian teachers

40 teachers from Belarus partner universities will participate in 1 week internship „IT Theory, Innovative Methods and Practice” to be held at partner institution Lille University of Science and Technology, IUT “A” in France on 9 – 13 April 2018.

During the internship teachers will be introduced to innovative methods of organizing independent work, learn efficient application of methods of project management and problem solving/problem teaching and learning, i.e.
when learning is based on case analysis. Teachers of HEIs will learn to present their material in a more interesting and more understandable way, to use it efficiently in IT studies. That will enable the teachers to intensify student independent work through applications of methods of such work and forms of their result assessment.

The advantage of organizing seminars in different countries is that teachers will see in practice study processes in the EU universities and spend some time in different cultural environment. The internships will provide an opportunity for 40 BY teachers (8 from each partner institution) to improve their general and educological competencies.


Expertise meeting in Minsk, 13-15 February 2018

The main goal of the expertise meeting – to expertise 25 new innovative courses that will be introduced into the study programmes Information resources Management (SBMT BSU), Mathematics and IT (BSPU), Management with IT specialisation (PIMB), Information Systems and Technologies (VSTU), Informatics (BSUIR).
Participants: management groups of project partners, experts from partners’ institutions.


Management group meeting in Minsk

13-14 February 2018, Minsk

During the management group meeting were discussed various topics and presented project results.

The main topics of the meeting:

  • presentation and confirmation of Progress report; 
  • Insights into Quarterly report of partners; 
  • Presentation of the implementation results of the English language courses; 
  • Discussion on further development of the project activities, detailed short-term plan; 
  • Discussion on the issues of the project budget and documentation matters. 

Erasmus+ Project Expertise Meeting

On 13 – 15 February 2018 Expertise Meeting of the Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher
Education programme project Innovative ICT Education for Social-Economic Development
(IESED)  No. 574283-EPP-1-2016-1-LT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP took place in Belarusian State
Pedagogical University named after Maxim Tank, Minsk, Belarus.
The goals of the meeting were: to review the learning outcomes and the outcomes of each new
course, to review the topics of each new course, to develop the conclusions of the evaluation of
each study programme under upgrading.