The main innovating products of the project are modern and innovative courses which contribute an important part into the study content of training IT specialists. One of the main tasks is focussing on new teaching methods and tools: adaptation to the actual working process, case study, creating teamwork skills. New courses will allow to upgrade the graduates’ competence. 

Cross-country exchanges are also important and innovative as a way of cooperation between France, UK, Poland Lithuania and Belarus HEIs and promotion of sharing experience in training ICT specialists. For more sustained learning, online communities of practice for practitioners can be an additional option in making contemporary ICT study programs. This will stimulate transnational cooperation, partnership and democracy between EU countries and Belarus.

The updated 25 innovative courses in the five Belarus higher education institutions:

Law in the IT-sphere / Право в IT сфере3
Intellectual Property and Protection of Information / Интеллектуальная собственность и защита информации3
Psychology of Information Perception / Психология восприятия информации3
Management of IT Projects / Управление ИТ проектами3
Multimedia  Creation and Processing Technologies / Tех
нологии создания и обработки мультимедиа
Computer Networks / Компьютерные сети3
Web Technologies / Bеб – технологии3
English for Specific Purposes 8
Team-building / Командообразование6
Management of e-business / Управление электроннным бизнесом3
Marketing Management in IT-sphere / Управление маркетингом в ИТ сфере5
IT-technologies in Education / ИТ – технологии в образовании5
Technology of Distance Learning / Технологии дистанционного образования4
Business Planning based on Informatization Tools / Бизнес-планирование на базе средств информатизации3
Time-management / Tайм менеджмент3
Technology of Pedagogical Interaction Network/ Tехнологии педагогического взаимодействия3
Software development for mobile devices / Pазработка программного обеспечения для мобильных устройств5
Technology of Design 3D Objects / Технологии проектирования 3D объектов4
Principles of algorithmization and programming /Принципы алгоритмизации и программирования 7
Operational Systems / Oперационные системы3
Object-oriented programming / Oбъектно-ориентированное программирование9
Microtechnology of automation systems / Mикротехнологии в автоматизированных системах4
Systems of Computer Graphics / Cистемы компьютерной графики4
Programming Technologies / Tехнологии программирования7
Metrology, methods and devices for technical measurements / Mетрология, методы и устройства для технических измерений7