Internship „IT Theory, Innovative Methods and Practice” for Belarusian teachers

40 teachers from Belarus partner universities will participate in 1 week internship „IT Theory, Innovative Methods and Practice” to be held at partner institution Lille University of Science and Technology, IUT “A” in France on 9 – 13 April 2018.

During the internship teachers will be introduced to innovative methods of organizing independent work, learn efficient application of methods of project management and problem solving/problem teaching and learning, i.e.
when learning is based on case analysis. Teachers of HEIs will learn to present their material in a more interesting and more understandable way, to use it efficiently in IT studies. That will enable the teachers to intensify student independent work through applications of methods of such work and forms of their result assessment.

The advantage of organizing seminars in different countries is that teachers will see in practice study processes in the EU universities and spend some time in different cultural environment. The internships will provide an opportunity for 40 BY teachers (8 from each partner institution) to improve their general and educological competencies.